How to register a trademark

The registration process generally takes about 4 months if your application does not receive any objection and once registered, your trademark will last for 10 years. In order to register your brand you need to follow three easy steps:

First step: You need to verify if your brand qualifies as a trade mark.

Second step: Submit your trade mark registration application.

Third step: Respond to any objections if necessary.

After you apply

Your application will be evaluated and you will receive an examination report with feedback on your application within 20 days. If there are any problems with your application you have 2 months to solve them.

If your application is examined and found compliant with all the requirements, it will be published in the trade marks journal for 2 months. In this period of time anyone with a reasonable reason can opposite it.

If any objections are presented to your application, you need to solve them. Once they are solved, your trade mark will be registered.